The Art of Self-Sabotage.


Have you ever found yourself questioning, why is it that life doesn’t seem to work out for you? Maybe you’ve had a bad day. Your boss was being a good old jerk, someone spilled coffee over your beautiful, freshly washed white shirt or your crush has left you on read for four hours straight.

Every single time you are logging in to social media, everyone seems to be having a blast. Meeting the love of their life, achieving things you could never dream to achieve, making coin and travelling the world to the most fantastic destinations which are so far beyond your reach.

Don’t get me wrong, some of them are your friends, you love them and I know you are happy for them. However, you know something’s off. If it were only them, it’d be fine, but that’s not the case. In matter of fact, every single person in the entire world seems to have achieved their pinnacle of happiness while you weren’t looking.

Scrolling down Instagram has literally made you shook to the core with all these beautiful, confident, empowered people, with abs more defined than a vintage washboard and a degree in something so extremely impressing that you’ve forgotten the name of the course two seconds after hearing it.

You are sick of it and without realising, the day has passed. Another fruitless day, and by that, I mean literally… you probably haven’t touched an apple in years, unless you take cider into account, in which case, I guess you really are getting one of your five a day…anyway, you finally get home after a monotonous day with nothing new to tell and you start by trashing all your belongings on the floor or over the magical chair in the corner of your room.

You sit on the bed, look out the window and sigh to yourself, but this time you remember something. And for once today, you are walking with glee. You know what’s coming. You know what to do. There is no hesitation. And you’ll only stop when you’ve reached your goal: a full-on massacre to your fridge and the fellow chocolate cake.

For a brief moment, you’ve made it. God, you are happy. No one, I mean absolutely no one can take your happiness away from you. You don’t have to worry about anything. Screw whatever was pissing you off. You’ve had a rough day and you, yes, YOU deserve it. Who cares how many calories those 3 slices of cake have. What matters right now is that you are going to eat them and you are going to feel unstoppable.

There’s not a single care in the world. You will sit down on that sofa, watch some spooky stuff on Netflix and chill the hell out of your head. In the end, there might not be many things that you feel sure about in life however one thing you do know is that after an awful day, food will never let you down.

Or will it?

Spoiler alert: It will. I don’t have a tragic job (definitely because I’m unemployed) nor have a dramatic dating life, I’m actually quite successful if I say so myself, but there is one thing that literally has been dragging me down, and that is my body. For all of you getting ready to jump me, I do love myself and my body, but my health and the way I have been treating my temple, to be fair is a bit contradictory.

After years of dieting hard and gaining weight once back again, I’ve realised that something was missing and that was: true understanding that I need a lifestyle change rather than a temporary diet mentality.

I’m creating this blog to document my journey of weight loss and maybe reach out to some of you who are struggling with the same issues as me. In the long run, I hope that this can be a space where we can all share our stories and support each other on the path to a fulfilling, healthy and mindful life.

I invite you to join me on this journey, say your goodbyes to the cake and leave art to the artists.

7 thoughts on “The Art of Self-Sabotage.

  1. This post made me laugh (and self reflect a little).
    I will definitely follow, hopefully we can lose weight together!
    Goodluck on your Journey!
    Looking forward to the next post! :))

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I can definitely relate to this! Sometimes I have to purposely stay away from Instagram due to social media envy. Good luck with your weight loss journey!

    Lifestyle changes is definitely the more sustainable way to go! Don’t be too hard on yourself and start slow. That’s the best way to get long term results.

    Liked by 1 person

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