The Addict in Your Head

Everything is going quite alright. You’re nailing it. You are feeling happy and you have started to feel some positive changes in your body and your mind. You have more energy and you are proud of yourself for sticking to the plan. That’s when you finally hear it. It comes like a whisper and a silent spell. Shu…shuu… sugar.

No way you’re falling for that one. Who needs chocolate, donuts or cake? Biscuits, ice-cream, cheesecake, cherry pie…oops, sorry. I’ve almost lost myself there. As I was saying, you’ve been eating quite well and it hasn’t even been a week since you’ve started. It’s not happening. You were even planning on working out today. And you won’t give into temptation. There wouldn’t be a problem then, would there? You’d burn it in the blink of an eye. N-No, no! Thanks, I’ll be fine.

Somebody gets home and they are overflowing with Christmas joy and after doing the groceries, besides the usual chocolate bars and the other sweet and savory things you love, they’ve bought extra Christmas special chocolate boxes. It’s Christmas! Treat yourself. 

You are fighting on your own. Every time you walk into the kitchen the chocolate boxes are smiling at you. Almost mocking you. Still, you discard all these intrusive thoughts and decide to eat an innocent apple instead. Candy apple?

Dear reader, don’t worry, I understand. You feel like you can’t win and like the whole world has it’s back against you. I don’t know about you, but I’ve come to realise that in the back of my head there resides an addict. It loves sugar and spice and everything nice.

There will come a time where it starts to speak to you regularly with words of innocence and whispers of a dying habit. Stay strong. It’s going to be hard. Really hard. However, I’m sure it will be worth it.

Right now, there are plenty of people like you, struggling but still saying no. You are not alone. Please remember that. What you actually want and what the addict wants are two very different things. Fight to reach YOUR goals. Don’t let the addict win.

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